Niene Boeijen

Hello this page is about me!

I am a full stack web map developer at Webmapper . Check my online portfolio for my work online and workshops and presentations.

In my free time I am a artist and tinkerer. Check my offline portfolio

Vector Tile stack, BGT BRT

Demo viewer for vector tile set of the BGT and BRT for PDOK.

Building heights of the Netherlands

This interactive map shows the height of all the buildings in the Netherlands.

Workshop creative with vector tiles

Workshop Vector Tiles for MGI Alumni day 2018

Wokshop Cartografie in QGIS

Workshop Cartografie in QGIS voor de QGIS gebruikersdag 03-10-2018

This Website

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BGT Pastel visualisatie

I made the design and Mapfiles of the cartographic style BGT-Pastel

Website and Logo

Website and Logo design for

I am Rohingya

Data story about Rohingya refugee camp. Made for the Map challenge of the Cartodag 2018.

Web Map Universe

I gave the first keynote presentation for the fifth Symposium Geotrends of Aeres Hogeschool Almere.

Workshop Vector tiles

Vector Tile workshop for Foss4G-NL 2018