Niene Boeijen

Hello this page is about me!

I am a full stack web map developer at Webmapper . Check my online portfolio for my work online and workshops and presentations.

In my free time I am a artist and tinkerer. Check my offline portfolio

Paradijs in de Polder

Soft map, where routes are spreading like fungi/mycelium threads.

Indication of place but no hard lines… Between art and recognizable places.

All based on hard Geo Data.

a point does not have to be a point, a line does not have to be a line and a polygon does not have to be a polygon.

Have a look at some nice screenshots of the map:


Also checkout my presentation about this map I held on Data Vis Knowledge Exchange.

Or visit the map itself and explore Amsterdam as seen by Arita Baaijens:

I made this map in collaboration with Bert Spaan.

Github repro