Niene Boeijen

I am a freelance full stack web map developer. Check my online projects for my work online and workshops and presentations.

In my free time I am a artist and tinkerer. Check my offline projects

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Webmapping for Beginners

JavaScript powers most online maps these days. During this evening we’ll cover the two primary mapping libraries D3.js and Leaflet.js . Never written a line of code before? Don’t worry! This workshop is for all skill levels! During the workshop, we create an interactive, online map together taking one step at a time! So bring your laptop to join in.

Content: * In Leaflet step 1 we will set up the basics to show a standard background map with Leaflet. * In Leaflet step 2 we will add markers, circles and polygons to our map. * In Leaflet step 3 we will add a GeoJSON file containing geo-spatial data to our map. * In D3 step 1 we will set up the basics to show a simple world map with D3. * In D3 step 2 we will add extra data from a GeoJSON file to our map and style it based on data attributes. * In D3 step 3 we will add a data-driven legend to our webpage. * Starring: BFRO sasquatch data - USA

Language: English