Niene Boeijen

I am a freelance full stack web map developer. Check my online projects for my work online and workshops and presentations.

In my free time I am a artist and tinkerer. Check my offline projects

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Vector tiles Workshops

Vector tiles are a way to deliver geographic data in small chunks to a browser or other client app. Vector tiles are similar to raster tiles but instead of raster images the data returned is a vector representation of the features in the tile.

Vector tiles make huge maps fast while offering full design flexibility. They are the vector data equivalent of image tiles for web mapping, applying the strengths of tiling – developed for caching, scaling and serving map imagery rapidly – to vector data.

Using: * Mapbox Studio * MapboxGL.js v0.45.0 * PDOK vector tiles (2017) * Adding a GeoJSON and more tips * Advanced tips on making tiles, glyphs and sprites

Language: English