Niene Boeijen

I am a freelance full stack web map developer. Check my online projects for my work online and workshops and presentations.

In my free time I am a artist and tinkerer. Check my offline projects

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3D Buildings


To continue the previous map with building heights of the Netherlands based on the Top10NL 3D . This map shows the BAG 3D from TU Delft. An amazing dataset which is way more detailed and up to date!

Tiles were made with Tegola and added to our Cartiqo stack. The map is developed with MapboxGL.js

At Foss4G-NL 2019 my map was used as the background for their promotion materials! Matthew Petroff build a tool print maps to export MapboxGL maps to hight resolution images for printing. I forked this tool to insert my own map on order to export a high resolution image to make the banner from.

Made for Webmapper: