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Blend Mode Map


Press the [L] button on your keyboard for some mouse over action!

This was a test to see if CSS blend-modes have a effect on the WebGL rendered map form MapboxGL.js. And yes they do! The trick is to put an image right behind your map container and put a blend-mode on the image.

Of course it is limited to one blend-mode on the whole map! But leaving out a lot of layers and simply making a white map of the road structures and water bodies gives a pretty neat effect.

Press the [L] on you keyboard to play around with some mouse over effects. It creates bubbles where your mouse moves. The bubbles have a different blend-mode with the map and background image and another blend-mode with themselves.

Blend-mode on the map: overlay

Blend-mode on the bubbles: difference

Blend-mode between the bubbles: sorf-light

This is all implemented with the CSS of the application.

Check the github repro for the code!

Made for Webmapper: