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Present your location data on a fast, accurate and beautiful map.

Cartiqo is a Vector Tile product based on open source geo data of the Netherlands. It provides a full and detailed map of the Netherlands customizable to your own likes.

The Cartiqo vector tiles are build with the aim to have as less as possible styling rules to create a clear map. Data rearrangement decisions are always made with a cartographic goal in mind.

In theory it will be possible to style a map by simply assigning one color per layer and you will be done. For example, blue for water, green for nature and grey for built-up areas. This would already give you a pretty good map.

To add more cartographic detail to the map a distinction can be made by the type in the layer. The type is the first main division that can be given to a layer which is interesting for cartographic reasons. Like natural is divided in high vegetation and low vegetation, a main distinction for the use of dark green and lighter shades of green. Even more detail can be found when using the subtypes. This is a subdivision of the type.

More info and the documentation

The idea

The idea for Cartiqo came to mind after working with prototype maps with vector tiles. The urge to make the tiles as easy as possible makes it more easy to style them. Every data source has it’s own data model which makes them hard to combine. With Cartiqo all datasets are combined into one understandable product.

My participation

I developed the idea and found quick agreement with my co-workers. Together we rearaged the source-data and build our own stack to produce our Cartiqo tiles.

I developed several styles already and love to make artistic and creative maps with the Cartiqo tiles


Cartiqo is now hosted on

I developed 3 basic styles to go with the Cartiqo product on Maptiler

Made for webmapper.